Have you tried using keyboard shortcuts, but end up with a random window, that you didn’t actually want?  I’ve found the Windows Key easy to use and a great time saver. All you need to memorise is the other key that’s paired with the Windows Key. Easy.
Below is a list of ten key combinations, paired with the Windows Key, that you can use to reduce mouse clicks and quickly access commonly used functions in Windows 10.
The Windows Key looks like a window pane and is located to the left of the space bar.
Windows 10 shortcuts:

Function Keystroke Result
Start menu Windows key or
Ctrl + Esc
Open or close the Start menu.
Search Windows key + S Open a search window to find files, folders, apps, settings, and websites.
Dictation Windows key + H Open the Dictation input feature.
File Explorer Windows key + E Open a File Explorer window to browse the files and folders on your computer.
Settings Windows key + I Open a Settings window where you can change the behaviour of features in Windows.
Lock the computer Windows key + L Lock the computer to prevent access while you are away.
View active apps Windows key + Tab Resize and display all currently active windows to fit proportionally on the screen (thumbnail view). Use this view to quickly see everything currently running and to close or switch between windows. Repeat this key press to return the windows to their previous size and placement.
Windows desktop Windows key + D Minimise all active windows to display the desktop. Repeat this key press to restore the previous view.
Snap a Window Windows key + Left arrow or Right arrow Move and resize the current window to the left or right half of the screen, to work with two windows on the screen side by side.
Save a screenshot Windows key + Prt Sc (Print Screen) Saves a picture of your screen as a PNG graphic file to a Screenshots folder in your Pictures library.

The above list was sourced from the HP website:
Now that you know how to use the Windows Key to save time, you’re ready to get the best out of Windows 10, without worrying about opening the wrong windows.
My favourite is Windows Key + E to open File Explorer. Leave a comment below with your favourite keyboard shortcuts to save mouse clicks.
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