I’m sharing with you, my blog setup tips, so you can get started blogging and share your expertise.
Follow these steps and it will all fall into place:

  1. Add your blog page to your existing website – this allows readers to jump across to other pages on your website and see what else you can do.
  2. Check your website bio profile is up to date with your name and a current photo.
  3. Choose an easy to read layout. Don’t make it hard for people to hang around and read your article. Consider font size, colour schemes and page layout, for best readability.
  4. Save time and automate your blog, so that it shares your blog to your social media channels when you publish the article. Go into the sharing settings of your website.
  5. Write up your blog topics list – must be topics that interests your ideal customer or solves a problem for your target audience. You will refer to this list each time you write a blog article.
  6. Choose your blogging frequency – do you have time to write an article every week or fortnight? Add recurring time to your calendar to write your blogs.
  7. Create a draft blog post with a post layout. Heading, image, sub-heading, body, footer detailing your author profile. For your footer, include your name, title, business name, business contact details and tagline. Link your social media page and website. You will use this draft blog post to copy/replicate to save time.
  8. BTW, don’t forget to add a call to action into the footer of your draft blog post, asking the reader to do something next, such as subscribe to your blog, download an offer, read another blog article, sign up for your newsletter, etc. Not sure what to ask – check out this collection of clever CTAs

Now, I hope you’ll take these tips and get started writing your first blog post!!!
SAVE TIME and download my checklist below.

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Author profile:  Cath McGregor

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