I have an announcement! Today marks the launch of my new business Modern Day PA.

I have left the corporate executive assistant world behind and will now be working as a Virtual Assistant. I will be providing personalised PA services to modern day businesses.

It’s wonderful to be my own boss and I’m looking forward to helping other business owners free up their time to work on the important strategic areas of their business.

Visit my website for more information:  https://moderndaypa.com/

Below are my tips on the 5 best business resources for manager

1. Ted talks

For inspiration and motivation, watch a Ted talk. They are inspirational videos by expert speakers and the best part, most are less than 15 minutes long. Here are two to get you started or bookmark for later:  Tony Robbins and Adam Grant

2. Office 15 minute webinars

Free 15 minute videos great for brushing up on Microsoft Office products. My favourites include:  10 Great Office Timesavers  and 5 simple ways to clean up Outlook

3. AlternativeTo

For finding alternative software/apps, I use AlternativeTo.  If you’re unhappy with any of your apps, or don’t want to shell out for a complete product for a one-off task, then you can find it here.

4. HubSpot

Use HubSpot’s free marketing resources, including e-books, guides, templates and more to help grow your business.

5. 16Personalities

Get a ‘freakishly accurate’ description of who you are and why you do things the way you do. If you want to build meaningful relationships, you’ll be at an advantage if you understand yourself better. Do a free personality test at 16Personalities and boost your soft skills.

Let me know in the comments below, your favourite business resources, or your favourite Ted talk.


Author profile:  Catherine McGregor

I specialise in helping business owners, professional service providers and consultants with personalised virtual assistance, so they can find more time to work on their business. Let’s see what’s possible for you!


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