It’s important to project a professional online presence in your Linkedin profile, so consider putting a little extra effort into your profile photo. This is usually the first place people look, when looking at a profile.

Your photo doesn’t need to be a professional photograph. If you’re tight on funds, you can take a great photo with just your phone camera.

1.      Prepare by dressing in a business shirt or neat work attire – if you have a shirt with your logo, wear it.

2.      Ask a family member or friend to take the photos.

3.      Sit on a chair in front of a plain wall, near a window, so the natural light hits your face.

4.      Turn the lights on in the room, to reduce shadows on your face.

5.      Take the shot from slightly above your head, as this is more flattering and less than 1 metre away.

6.      Take the shots from a few different angles.

7.      Remember to SMILE 🙂

If you don’t have anyone who can take the photos, another option is to DIY, using your phone camera, with the 5 second timer and front camera. As above, it works best with plenty of natural light on your face and if you can sit the phone up on a shelf, or high object, so that the photo is taken from slightly above your head.

So, if your profile photo is a little out of date, go ahead and take a great profile photo and look more professional in your online presence.

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