It’s important to project a professional online presence, so consider putting a little extra effort into your profile ‘bio’. People often read the author’s biography, after reading a blog post or magazine article.

Your bio doesn’t need to be professionally written. You can create a great bio with my template below.

Depending on the platform, it is best to keep it fairly short: 3 to 5 sentences. Your bio should tell the reader what problems you can solve for them.

Bio template:

_______[name] is a [title] who helps _____________[target market] to ______________[problem that you solve], so they can ___________[outcome]. _______[name] provides __________[services/products], but his/her specialty is ________[your passion/niche/specialty]. Based in _______[location], ______[name] works with clients _______[locally and/or remotely].

Here’s my example:

Cath is a virtual assistant who helps clients with websites and resumes, so they are more organised and look more professional. Cath works with micro businesses and home based businesses in Emerald, Central Queensland.

It’s always good to get a second opinion from someone who knows you well, before you go-live, to make sure it sounds and reads well. Ask them to proofread your bio and give any feedback for improvements.

So, if your profile bio is a little out of date, go ahead and use my template to update it now, and you will look more professional in your web presence.

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Author Profile:      Cath McGregor | Modern Day PA

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