For the next few weeks, I’m sharing with you, my best email management tips, so you can make Inbox Zero a reality. This is achievable. Check out my next tip below.
Archive older emails
If your inbox has so many emails, that attaining Inbox Zero feels impossible, then all you need to do is run an archive process. A few executives that I’ve previously worked with, were long serving employees and had years’ worth of emails. This slowed down the performance of the email software, causing the executives frustration at the time wasted with a slow inbox.
Don’t worry, you won’t lose any emails! The archive process saves your emails in case you need them later, into a separate PST file, which can be accessed by linking Outlook to the saved PST file. Your Inbox will stay fast and responsive.
I’ll explain how to setup access to PST files in my next post.
Follow this process:
Now, go archive your older emails and save yourself time by reducing the number of emails that you need to deal with.
If you would like to partner with an assistant to achieve Inbox Zero, contact me and let’s see what we can do.

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