For the next few weeks, I’m sharing with you, my best email management tips, so you can make Inbox Zero a reality. This is achievable. Check out my next tip below.
Access archived emails
If you followed the steps in the last post, for running the archive process to improve the performance of your Inbox, then this post is to help you connect to the archive file, so you can refer to older emails.
Follow this process:
It’s also a good idea to disconnect the archive file after you’ve found the email that you were looking for, as this keeps your inbox running at faster speed.
To disconnect the archive data file:

  • In the Folder pane on the left hand side, right-click the name of the Outlook Data File, and then choose Close Outlook Data File.

Now, go access your archived emails and save yourself time by reducing the number of emails that you need to deal with.
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