As modern-day business owners, it’s important that we spend the majority of our business hours on productive work, minimising the time we spend on administering our business. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a weekly time-saving tip with you, to help you be more productive in your role as a small business owner.

Time-saving Tip: Use a task management tool – Trello

Put all your to-do’s in one place – in Trello!

You will save time as you won’t have to dig around to find all your lists – the sticky note on your monitor, the notepad on the side table, the envelope in your bag, and the jotter in your laptop bag.

Trello to the rescue!!

Trello is an easy, visual way to manage your projects and organise your tasks.

Make it a daily habit and add your tasks and priorities into Trello each afternoon just before you finish for the day. This way, you’ll finish the day feeling like you’ve achieved something and you’ll save time the next day, as you’ll know what you need to focus on.

Bonus! Trello is free.
Save even more time – I’ve already prepared a Trello Board for you: here’s a link to a sample To-Do-List board that I created for you to copy and make your own To-Do-List.

Now, go and setup your Trello Board and save yourself precious time for more important work.

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