In today’s modern corporate world, many of us have become very familiar with 50+ hour work weeks and the “do more with less” mantra. I’ve certainly worked with my share of “last minute dumpers”, “meeting over-runners” and “double-bookers”. Workers who take little care with time, can cost your business money.

In order to stay on top of our ever-increasing workload, I have found that we need to employ the latest time management techniques. This post will give you up-to-the-minute tips from the productivity professionals.

Use technology
This is a handy tip that my colleague Carly shared with me recently. You can now use voice commands and dictation on your smart devices. Voice recording is now built into many apps. Wherever you see a tiny microphone symbol, you can use that to record your voice as a message, instead of typing. Learn more here: Record a voice memo on an iPhone

Embrace delegation
Delegate those tasks that don’t ever seem to get done. If you don’t have anyone to delegate to, then outsource to a specialist, or a VA to take care of the menial, repetitive or unimportant tasks. Areas to consider outsourcing include: Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeper/Accountant, Business Coach, HR, IT or Sales/Marketing. More here: 5-good-reasons-why-you-need-a-va

Follow your body clock
Work when you’re most effective. Don’t be afraid to modify your start and finish times to suit your best time of the day for productivity and effectiveness. Really make this the year you form habits that create work/life balance. Learn more here: How To Figure Out Your Most Productive Time Of Day

Work smarter
Use “wasted” time wisely, overcome perfectionism.  Learn more here: this-is-how-to-actually-work-smarter-not-harder
Hold highly effective meetings that take less time. Learn more here: meeting-tips

Now that you’ve read the latest time management tips, I hope you can take away some insights into what might work better for you, to help you operate at your highest level of effectiveness.

Which tips will you take away and put into action? Leave a comment below.
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Author profile:  Catherine McGregor

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