We’ve all had busy times when we’ve thought “I really need an assistant to help me with this!”. Then the next thought is “I can’t afford it”, or “I don’t have the time to familiarise someone”. Then you just keep doing the work yourself.
Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to delegate to an assistant:

  1. Time is money: using your time for revenue producing work makes financial sense
  2. Quality: giving your clients your best output, means focussing on what’s important
  3. Your passion: work that inspires and motivates you is the most rewarding

Here are 40 ways an assistant can help you free up time to generate more revenue:

  1. Register you for networking events for the year and add to your calendar
  2. Send email responses to common client inquiries
  3. Unsubscribe you from annoying spam
  4. Update your bio on your Linked in page
  5. Arrange your interstate travel
  6. Help declutter your email inbox, to achieve “Inbox Zero”
  7. Remind you about pre-work for that upcoming client presentation
  8. Help solve your computer or iPhone issues
  9. Be your IT go to person for “How do I…..”
  10. Attend your premises and organise those piles of paperwork
  11. Update your website
  12. Assist you to run your workshops (attendance sign-on, hand-outs, presentation loading, time-keeping)
  13. Minute take for your monthly team meetings
  14. Put all those sticky notes together into a professional presentation
  15. Type up documents from handwritten notes
  16. Create templates for your commonly sent emails/correspondence
  17. Order more business cards when you’re running low or before big events
  18. Organise team building off site activities
  19. Proof-read your high-level reports
  20. Pay those back-logged bills
  21. Write employee work instructions
  22. Booking meetings with clients
  23. Preparing your monthly newsletter
  24. Book your professional development courses
  25. Onboarding preparations for your new team member
  26. Scanning that pile of receipts
  27. Fill out forms
  28. Setup task management software with all your “To-Do” tasks, project lists, sticky note reminders, notebook pages and flip chart actions
  29. Submit advertising
  30. Send out a customer survey
  31. Send requests to customers for testimonials and add to website
  32. Design a brochure for an event
  33. Send a mail out with latest promotion
  34. Enter that bundle of business cards into your contacts list
  35. Call up customers for payment of past due accounts receivables
  36. Send invoices to customers
  37. Reconcile expenses in bookkeeping system
  38. Set up admin email account such as admin@yourcompany.com.au, review email, respond to routine requests, and forward items of importance
  39. Messaging and email monitoring when on annual leave/travelling
  40. Add reminders to your calendar to schedule annual performance reviews

If you need an assistant to free up time, or solve office problems, contact me and let’s see what we can do.

Modern Day PA specialises in virtual PA services to help business managers get organised, so they can find more time to work on their business. Let’s see what’s possible for you!

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