For today’s modern business, embracing the online world has revolutionised many aspects of conducting business, including customer engagement. Lead generation is no longer carried out via face to face sales, cold calling or print advertising. It’s a digital world and if your business isn’t building an online presence, then it’s costing you money in lost sales.
There are many aspects to building your online presence. In starting my business, I have invested time in building a website, writing blog articles, sharing posts on Linked in and promoting my business on selected FaceBook business groups.
A great starting point is to update your profile on your social media pages, as this gives you the opportunity to include content that will raise your brand awareness, promote your expertise and generate leads.
To help you build your online presence, check out these up-to-the-minute tips from Go Daddy: Take Your Small Business Online
Presence diagram
If you could use a PA to build your online presence, contact me and let’s see how I can help.

Modern Day PA specialises in personalised PA services for modern day business, so you can find more time to work on your business. Let’s see what’s possible for you!

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